Notes on a Killing

“We won't go so far as to label Kevin Flynn and Rebecca Lavoie's fresh-squeezed true crime book pulp-free...Notes on a Killing certainly won't disappoint devotees of its genre. But among the surprises between its covers - and there are plenty... - are the richly developed characters and, dare we say, artful passages of writing." - Concord Monitor

“For devotees of this literary genre, this is a book that really delivers in spades, and will keep the reader riveted...I was still glued to the pages, and I couldn't turn them fast enough. That's how harrowing a story this is…At its core, Notes on a Killing is much more than a book that tells the story of a roadmap to murder. It’s really about people and the human drama that unfolds as they search for justice." - Telegraph of Nashua

“Flynn and Lavoie wrote Notes on a Killing as a stirring pastiche of the true-crime genre full of forces and counter forces…The frost-heave complications of this conniving case get smooth-road writing by the diligent authors…a plenty good home-town page-turner.” - Keene Sentinel

“An opus…It’s amazing these events happened in a sleepy little Granite State town.” - Springfield Republican

“Their book follows the gritty (but not gory) details in the case, and despite its factual nature, the book reads like a novel.” - Hippo Press

“Co-authors Kevin Flynn and Rebecca Lavoie are steadily growing an audience for their brand of true crime stories set in New Hampshire, specializing in the moments when small-town life fractures into cops-and-courts drama.” – The Wire

"It's intriguing. It's heartbreaking. It's a crime story laced with sentiments of love, triumph, and loyalty among friends. To sum it up, it's a fantastic story you simply don't want to miss." - True Crime Zine

"Harrowing and haunting, Notes on a Killing will have you in its grip. As they proved with Our Little Secret, Kevin Flynn and Rebecca Lavoie illuminate the darkest corners, offering a story not only filled with twists and suspense but is also rich with heartbreak and humanity.” - Megan Abbott, Edgar-winning author of Dare Me and The Fever.

“Kevin Flynn and Rebecca Lavoie's Notes on a Killing is an exemplary character driven true crime thriller that is as crafty and cunning as the killer himself." - Burl Barer, Edgar-winning author of Body Count, Head Shot and The Saint.

“Fragments of bones, mysterious fires, forensic nightmares, psychological knots are the high watermarks of Notes on a Killing, Rebecca Lavoie's and Kevin Flynn's new investigation of a bizarre crime in rural New Hampshire. With their usual narrative panache and an amazing instinct for the dramatic juxtaposition of incongruous lives, the authors have once again nailed a harrowing, larger-than-life conundrum that is too strangely wonderful for fiction and is the quintessential true crime yarn.” - Joseph Olshan, author of Cloudland

“Set in a New England community with a cast of characters connected by their membership in Alcoholics Anonymous, Notes on a Killing offers fast pacing, suspense, meticulous research, and much more. The many faces of Betrayal form an overlay that will keep readers turning the pages of this engaging and satisfying crime novel.” - Phyllis Gobbell - author of A Season of Darkness

“Kevin and Rebecca have once again crafted a true-crime classic. As in Our Little Secret, their latest book Notes on a Killing is a hard-hitting tale and fast-paced read.” - Robert Scott - author of The Girl in the Leaves

Finalist: 2013 NH Literary Awards Outstanding Work of Nonfiction