Notes on a Killing

by Kevin Flynn and Rebecca Lavoie

Edith “Pen” Meyer lived a tranquil life on a secluded lake in rural Sullivan County. Her life revolved around her dog and weaving fiber art. But Pen’s friend, Sandy, found herself in an unwanted relationship. Pen offered advice, even helped her get a restraining order. 

It struck everyone as strange that one day Pen would call Sandy to urge her to change her mind. Pen said she had been wrong about the man, that she should drop the restraining order and move in with him.

After the phone call, no one heard from Pen Meyer again.

What followed was a case that dove deep into addiction, denial, manipulation, and betrayal. Thanks to a crack forensics and investigative team, police were able to uncover someone’s notes on a killing.

"It's intriguing. It's heartbreaking. It's a crime story lace with sentiments of love, triumph, and loyalty among friends. To sum it up, it's a fantastic story you simply don't want to miss."
-True Crime Zine