by Kevin Flynn and Rebecca Lavoie

For twenty years Daniel Paquette’s murder went unsolved.  A lot of people in the small hamlet of Hopkinton wanted it that way.  Especially Paquette’s stepdaughter, Melanie, and her closest friend, Eric.  It would be their little secret.

What transpired next did more than reveal a crime born of adolescent passion and a young girl’s desperate past.  It blurred the line between guilt and innocence.  It redefined the meaning of loyalty, justice, and revenge, and it explored the dark corners of a peaceful New Hampshire town that would do anything to protect its own even in the face of the most disturbing truths of all.

"In my opinion, Our Little Secret is destined to be on this year's top ten true crime list. So be sure it's on YOUR reading list."
- truecrimebookreview.com