Our Little Secret

"Those interested in finding out the details of the story will find the book a compelling tale and an in-depth look at this complicated subject." - Hooksett Banner

"The team brings alive the anxiety, fear and loathing that surrounded the case...The book reads like a real whodunit, especially for those readers who know nothing of the case." - New Hampshire Magazine

"The result is a suspenseful read even if you already know the story. The authors have developed names and facts in police reports into characters and plots." - Concord Monitor

"In my opinion, Our Little Secret is destined to be on this year's top ten truce crime list. So be sure it's on YOUR reading list." - truecrimebookreview.com

"[E]ngrossing and frequently very surprising...Kevin Flynn and Rebecca lavoie tell an extraordinary story with great restraint, skill, and detail...This is a great story, skillfully told." - Dancing with Skeletons blog

"[A]nother 'page-turner'...fascinating...Truth is always stranger than fiction, and this book portrays the beautifully." - Springfield Republican

"A true-crime book that delves into every twist and turn of a case that went cold in the 1980s before heating up again in 2005, complete with the first documented interviews with an incarcerated Windhurst himself." - New Hampshire Villager