Wicked Intentions

"Flynn takes the reader through LaBarre's disturbing life story, covering her abusive childhood, her failed marriages, her violent rages against the passive boyfriends she charmed and then controlled, and finally the evidence that pointed to at least one murder and perhaps many more. - Library Journal

"A real-life tale looking like it was ripped out of a horror movie . . . an ideal read for true crime and horror readers alike. Five stars" - Midwest Book Review

"Kevin Flynn has done an excellent job assembling researched data to keep any reader turning page after page, even knowing the trial's eventual outcome." - Blogcritics magazine

"Wicked Intentions is a riveting tome full of crime, sex, money and unbelievable evil, and it is as well written a book as I have read in recent years...truly amazing." - Springfield Republican

"Wicked Intentions is a tale about far more than just the facts of the case. It is an insightful exploration of the forces that drive many aspects of human behavior...And, most interestingly, is Flynn himself...Well worth a read." - New Hampshire magazine

"For anyone who enjoys a good crime story, this book is a real page-turner...From the beginning of the book, Flynn sets up a spine-tingling portrait of the killer." - The Wire

"Readers will become obsessed with this case and how it intricately unfolds, one mind-blowing detail after the next. The Sheila LaBarre murders have it all: sex, money and shocking behavior that even a team of top Hollywood script writers could never concoct." -Jane Velez-Mitchell, HLN host and author of Secrets Can Be Murder

"Flynn's research and attention to detail will give true crime junkies something truly spectacular to devour." - Amanda Lamb, author of Deadly Dose

"In Wicked Intentions, Kevin Flynn crafts a harrowing portrait of evil and retribution . . . you have no choice but to turn to the next page." - Gregg Olsen, New York Times bestselling author

"Kevin Flynn delivers a grisly tale of manipulations, murder, madness and mystery…a frightening portrait of a brutal murderess."  - Michael Glasgow, author of The Bridge